Who is a Heretic?

(courtesy of my friend S.L., via Bible Endtimes Articles & news)

Who is a heretic?  The answer may surprise you…

Do you know the word in the original language of the New Testament for “denomination” is the same word for “sect” or “faction”?  The word denomination is from Latin (de = down / nomen = name).  To denominate is to put a name on, as in Lutheran, Methodist, Wesleyan, Presbyterian, Baptist, Calvinist, and so on.

Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians tells us that factions had developed among the Christians at Corinth, and that the people involved in them had applied a name to their particular faction.  In other words, they had begun to denominate themselves.  Those of one faction said, “I am of Peter”.  Those of another said, “I am of Paul”.  Still another said, “I am of Apollos”.  In reaction, others boasted, “I am of Christ”.

In the original language of the New Testament, the word for “denomination” (ονομασία -designation, appellation, denomination) is the equivalent for the word HERESY (αίρεση – heresy, sect, clause, denomination).

How’s this for the ultimate oxymoron: someone says, “Our denomination holds to Sola Scriptura”. Those who hold to Sola Scriptura could never tolerate the idea of a denomination.

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